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  1. Hi Tess.RWoP friend here.About book publishing...If you like you can go on line and get contact information on Morris Cookbooks. I paid nearly 700 dollars for 200 copies. They added a few more to cover printing/binding issues but I found that u need those to cover mistakes. I did not know I could contact them earlier and tell them. My price included several seasonal coupons and type and save. If you chose the smallest font with no extras and type on line it will be priced like mine. But if you add anything it will cost you. I wish you luck. It would not hurt for you to ask for the starter pack and look it over. 700 isn't that bad and then you own your books outright. Reprints are more expensive though so start with more and pay less! Good luck. Your recipes and blog look great!

  2. Hi Robert! I'm so sorry for not responding to your message...i just now read this and it's dated Aug 13,:(! I will eventually put these recipes in a book. I slowed down because i now work two jobs and will not be able to cook like what i used to. I will check this later. How many recipes did you have in your book? is your book hard cover? Thanks for the info and thank you for your time...keep in touch!